What will working with me be like?

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If you are looking for perfectly posed photos, fake smiles taken with flack from your kids, I may not be your girl. I live for wildly passionate, raw moments. The in-between. The smiles that we nudge to produce organically. I strive for your kids to look at our images on your walls for years to come, with happy memories of the session. I want all of the fun and love they felt during our session to resurface when they look at the photographs.


Movement is my friend, I use prompts that instigate movement in your session. You may be asked to dance, bump into each other, whisper secrets and hop in the water. Lets capture your truest self, create memories not just photos. 


I am a mom myself. I have 2 biological kids, and 2 step sons. I have endless patience for children during your session. I have tips and tricks up my sleeve to capture the best of even the trickiest kids to photograph. 


What should you know if you are considering working with me for your birth?

I understand how intimate birth is. I will work hard during your pregnancy to ensure you and your birth partner (if applicable) feel comfortable and connected to myself. I want to form a relationship so postive that you breathe a sigh of relief when I arrive into your birth space. I am here for you. I support your choices, no matter what they are. 

Often times, clients become friends. 


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Lets get to know each other a bit!


I was young and on my own when I had my first child. I had a beginner DSLR from graduation that I started using on friends who had kids. It wasn't long before I dove deep into photography. I have a history of getting excited about a new idea and devoting all of my time to it. But unlike other hobbies, this one stuck. Very organically and quickly my clientele, passion and skills grew. Similar to my other undertakings, this was something I taught myself. 

A friend of mine was due with her baby soon after I began photography. We got to talking and deciding I should try photographing her birth. I did, and it was intriguing to me. So I photographed another friends birth. While I absolutely loved documenting their stories, I had noticed something. I felt a strong pull to be doing more. I sat back and watched these families birth with little emotional and physical support from the hospital staff. I just had this sense that there was more I could be doing to help. It was on a walk with a photographer mentor/friend that the word Doula came up. She suggested I look into it, and offer both. So I did, I quickly found a course and enrolled. The training taught me a lot of valuable and incredible information. But the majority of my knowledge comes from my continuous studying, reading, networking with other birth workers. And of course, birth experience. I learn from my clients and their experiences. 

I am creative when it comes to photography, and baking/decorating cakes. I cant draw or paint despite my best efforts. I can create beautifully composed and lit photographs. So that works, right?


My partner got me hooked on house plants. Im going to be honest, he is the only reason they are still alive.


I like to get stuff done quickly and efficiently. I am fairly chatty, and outgoing. 

Change doesn't bug me. Perhaps that's why birth photography and doula work fits into my life so well. I am flexible, I enjoy being able to plan and accomodate last minute. 

I love my big family and friends. But I thrive when I am at home with my kids and can "set" my home the way I want. I feel my absolute best when my house is clean and quiet. A bit of natural light, but dim. My big salt lamp, oils in the diffuser. A window or two open for breeze and a chill mix on the TV. 

I have always had a keen interst in whole foods. I have been a vegetarian the majoirty of my life, though my family is not. I have studied wholistic nutrition and am fascinated by the ability of foods to heal. Id take a yoga class or hike over a run or high intensity gym class anyday. I am happy to chat about nutrition in pregnancy and postpartum. 

Well I'm sure those were more random facts than you bargained for! If i seem like a good fit for you and your family, I would love to hear from you.